All of our Leaders are volunteers from the community that want to help youth to be the best they can be.  Many are parents just like you, whilst others started off with their kids in Scouting but stayed in it, even after their kids left.  Some are teachers, police or others who just want to help.

To be a Leader they must undergo training, which they will continue doing throughout their Scouting career  All Leaders undergo an initial National Police Clearance and must carry a valid Working with Children Card.  Leaders are suject to review by their Group, District and Branch once every three years.

If you like have fun and working with children, then maybe you might like to consider becoming a Leader or an Assistant Leader?  If you don't want to make that sort of committment, ask about becomng a Parent Helper or working on our committee.

The more parents we can get to help, the stronger the group will be and more the youth will benefit.

To enquire about a Leader, Parent Helper or Committee role, speak to the Group Leader or contact us through our contact page.