Are you ready to have fun and adventure?

Scouting is great fun.  Not only will you get to do loads of neat stuff, you will make great friends, possibly from all over the world!  Some of the things you may do as you progress though the sections include, campfires, camping, abseiling, hiking, mountain bike riding, tree planting, marching, cooking, sailing, canoeing, raft building, aerial runway, low ropes, confidence course, motor sports, just to name a few.

Did you know that 10 of the 11 astronauts to walk on the moon were Scouts?  Scouting is a outdoors based, not for profit, learning by doing organisation that helps youth from 6 - 26, to develop their social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves.  If your section is not going on regular activities, camps and sleepovers then where not doing it right!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Looking to be challenged and have new adventures?  Today's Scouts is more than just tying knots (though we wil show you how).  Scouting is open to both boys and girls and caters to the following age groups;

Joeys             6 -  8 years old
Cubs              8 - 11 years old
Scouts         11 - 15 years old
Venturers    15 - 18 years old
Rovers         18 - 26 years old

and after that you can become an adult leader!!  (please note that not all sections may be in operation at Waroona Scout Group)

Your four first hall meetings are obligation free - so come and experience what we have to offer!

Find out more about the Waroona Scout Group on these pages or to discover more about Scouting in general visit the Western Australia Branch Scout site at or the Australian Scout site at

Get away from the XBOX or Playstation and try Scouting!  You will be glad you did!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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